Thirty-four years ago, this sweet beautiful little girl was born to me.                                                                              
                                     She has brought so much joy and happiness to my life.

                                                           Born in Boulder, Colorado

                                                Raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico


                                                        We survived the teenage years!!!

                                                       High School Graduation

                                           Desert Academy - Santa Fe, New Mexico

College Days - Hawaii Pacific University - with roommate Lindsay.  That was a tough start.  We flew
to Hawaii at the end of August 2001.  I went to all the parent orientations, set her up in her dorm room, enjoyed the sand and sun and then flew back to Santa Fe.  Eight days later, 9/11 happened.  I had a panicked child on an island in the middle of the Pacific and no way to get to her or get her off the island.  As you may remember, all flights were canceled for days after that tragedy.  We made it through, along with countless other parents and kids. She would end up graduating from Hawaii Pacific University and staying in Hawaii for nearly ten years - with many visits from Mom & Papa.

                  She met her husband Jason in Hawaii.  A musician and IT whiz  - we love him!

                            Together - they gave us the ultimate gift - our grandson.

                                                           The Payoff!!

So Happy Birthday my sweet, loving daughter!!!   Today she is spending her birthday helping to host a baby shower for a friend.


  1. I love this♥
    I love this♥
    All the black and white photos of your stunning daughter..and then to see Sugar Boy..you have amazing genes.
    9-11 must have really worried you to the moon..I would have been beside myself.
    I was actually for a couple of reasons apart from the horror..silly reasons.
    Thank you so much for sharing these photos with us.
    I love them all..with the doggie in the field..the victorian looking darling girl..grad..wedding..mama.

    1. Thank goodness for photos! Without them it would all be a blur, not only for us, but for the kiddos as well.
      They grow up so fast. I am so glad to have a daughter that is also my best friend. I know you have that as well. Your daughters and grandsons will cherish all the wonderful memories you have created for them.💕💕. How lucky they are to have you!

  2. Ry, what a beauty she is and I can see Sugar Boy in their young pictures. What a varied and storied life she has had. So glad to hear it from you. There is no other love quite like the mother and child.

    1. Thank you Donna. It is fun to compare photos of our children and grandchildren at the same age. Sugar Boy looks like his Mama on some days and at other times looks like his Dad. It is sometimes a wild ride raising children, I am happy to have survived it all fairly intact!

  3. I think we are lucky in family love indeed.


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