Shopping Houston

Two weeks of sitting in front of my computer - editing photos for upcoming magazine publications has left me with eye strain and an aching shoulder and right arm. The landscapers are here with their leaf blowers, mowers and trimmers making a racket outside of my open window. I need a break. So I'm off to explore a shop or two that I haven't been to and a couple of my favorites. This is work related (that's what I tell myself) for some H&G articles I'm working on. Inspiration is never far away in the city of Houston, where Interior Design is taken very seriously.
These photos are from the website of Meredith O'Donnell, whose shop I've been wanting to check out for some time. Love the clean lines and soothing colors.
A pop of blue/green/grey contrasts nicely with the white................................After that I'll cruise over to - Indulge. - always a great place for beautiful things.
Indulge carries my favorite lines in furniture, linens and tabletop goodies.

They also design their own line of furniture and headboards - like the one below.
This next one is Blanc d'Ivoire
I've collected Juliska for years.
Now and then, I'll add a new piece to my collection. Juliska is hand blown and oh so thin and delicate.
Arte Italica - I would love to have a few pieces of that.

Juliska serving pieces. They also carry Match and Vietri.
A couple of hours at these shops and I'll want to come home and re-arrange everything in my house.
Top Photos - Meredith O'Donnell
Bottom Photos - Indulge


  1. Very restful those grey palettes..If I had to start over..I might go that way~ So natural.. I love it..With white.. and a hint of pastel here and there..I love that Chaise Longue~

    You have impeccable taste Ry~

  2. It makes me want to re-arrange my house as well. I love the Juliska - clean and elegant.

  3. Wonderful eye candy indeed! I would love to be where interior design was taken seriously. It is so hard to try to work in this one horse town that I call home...but then other than work, I love it... You have a great blog, so glad that you found me , so that I could find you!

  4. Oh Ry, it's so much fun to go shopping with you!

    You already know I adore your taste (in everything), so this has been a real treat.

    Yes, yes, yes to Juliska and Arte Italica! I would love to have the 'Indulge' hedge-lined entrance as an off of my back doors, leading to the rear garden. *sigh*

    Thank you for sharing the beauty once again. It's always a mini-vacation to come visit your lovely blog. xo

  5. Hi Ry,
    I really want to thank you for the comment on my post earlier this week and for adding my blog on your bloglist!
    I am so pleased that I have discovered yours! Your blog is amazing! Wonderful pictures!
    I immediately added you on my bloglist!


  6. Hi Ry,

    It's me again! I just have scrolled through your blog from beginning to end. I really don't know what to say! This is fantastic! You are a real artist in photography!
    I love your blog! And the recipes you added! And sotto il monte vineyard is gorgeous!
    I loved the post about the "vendange"!

    I am really excited to have discovered your blog!


  7. That was a very nice shopping trip. I love the Chaise Lounge...just what I am trying to find for the bedroom. Beautiful!

  8. Beautiful...My fave, however...are the riding boots and the Briard in the last pic!

  9. You have a beautiful blog! So nice to visit you here.

    Have a Wonderful Weekend!

  10. So delightful all the way, Ry! i'm with you about these subtle combinations of blue and pale green. You really have an amazing taste!

    also, i want to thank you for your lovely words of support...am definitely back to blogland! :-)

    Have a great time...

  11. I do love everything that you showed in this post. As for the stain, I don't know why you had trouble unless the stain was old...it has a very short shelf life. I always remind the supplier of this and get him to sale me his samples. The stain is costly and alot of the time he will just give me the samples or sell them for hardly nothing...wink

  12. Your blog is very interesting and unique. Thank you for your comment. My dream is to own a vineyard somewhere maybe in France or Spain.

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