WISH I WERE.......................

                                                                                                                                                              here  in Waikiki sitting on the veranda at the Moana Hotel.  But since I'm not - and like everyone else caught up in the Polar Vortex - I think I will make a cup of hot cocoa with some dark chocolate and cinnamon and put on another layer...............

Photos By: Ryannan Bryer de Hickman


  1. I've never been but hope to one day. In fact, I wish I lived there or anywhere warm after the hellish winter we've had so far. I told my husband I wanted to move somewhere tropical in the winter and he said we would when I win the lottery.

    1. I'm all about living somewhere tropical. My daughter went to Hawaii Pacific University and ended up living on Oahu for almost 10 years. We had a condo rented for her for part of that time and I would go and stay for several weeks at a time. Loved it! She and her husband moved to the mainland several years ago, but miss living in Hawaii. If they ever move back - so will we!

  2. Good luck Donna..:)

    It does look gorgeous Ry..never been..
    But I must say..I told my daughter today as we braved the wind and cold..I still love winter and she said I do too.
    Mind you I have a comfy roof..fireplace..food etc..

    I am charmed by your hot cocoa set....not set..From one of your travels?

    Love it..them..

    1. You would love it there Monique, it is very beautiful. The cocoa pot is from Mexico where we have traveled many, many times. The espresso cups are Franco Mari from Italy. I bought an entire set of Franco Mari hand painted, signed and dated, dishes on a trip to Sienna, Italy. I lugged them back in my rolling carry on, but couldn't lift the bag to put it in the overhead! My seat mate turned out to be a very nice man and he lifted the heavy bag up and put it in the compartment. When I changed planes in New York, my next seat mate was a sweet woman who helped me stow the bag. We got a good laugh out of my determination to get these dishes home. They made it safely with nary a chip!

  3. That beach looks amazing...i have never been to Hawaii either.
    Your hot cocoa pic makes me feel warmer already...this cold snap is just too much. I am dreaming of spring right around the corner....of course a few more lovely snowstorms before that. I admit...I love winter too!


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