I fully intended to try and live up to my Lovely Blog Award by posting a witty and creative entry yesterday. Normally, I'm thinking about photos that I want to take or photos that I must take for assignments. I sat down at the computer early yesterday morning (I rise at 5:30 most days) to work on a post. A sort of blankness started creeping in. I stared at the screen and realized "I've got nothing!" Couldn't think of a thing - even though I have folders full of ideas and photographs. "Maybe I need another cup of tea." That didn't work. Perhaps I should check my email. And there it was - along with some sweet messages from friends - My Horoscope for the Day.

Horoscope for June 25

"Today your creative impulses could seem totally blocked, Ryannan. You might be trying to reach a deadline, whether it's one of your own or one imposed by someone else. You feel the need to get some work done, but your muse seems to have gone on vacation. If your deadline is official, phone whoever's in charge and ask for an extension. if you force yourself to work today, you won't be happy with the results." That was all the encouragement I needed. Far be it from me to argue with the stars. I went back to bed and pulled the sheets up over my head.Today is not much better. My thoughts are still in the garden where I've just spent the last couple of days.

I love finding these fossils in the vineyard.Random vignette from the casa.......................................................

The Gardenia and Arabian Jasmine are in full bloom and incredibly fragrant. One Gardenia blossom will perfume an entire room.
The lavender was ready for a first cutting..................................................

Micia follows me around the garden and keeps me company...............................

Photography By: Ryannan Bryer de Hickman
Sotto Il Monte Vineyards


  1. I should have such a mental block!! Even when your muse is on vacation, you come up with a gorgeous post. Beautiful!

  2. Yes.. you really have the most beautiful life..
    I feel so ordinary at the best of times..and that is fine:)

    But I have a secret....I love seeing stars shine:)

    Love the lavender..the verres:) of friendship!! The garden ornaments..the pots.. Candlelight..kitties and passionflowers:)

    Quelle belle vie~
    I keep repeating myself~

  3. Ha! Loved that horoscope! Permission to sleep in. Loved all of your pics too! Uuuum the smell of gardenia. My fave is bringing the flowers inside!

  4. What a "Lovely" blog! I wish I did so well when I felt blocked. Beauty surrounds you and you capture it in such a pretty and gentle way.

    Have a good weekend.


  5. Cara Ry,

    What a rewarding post! I think your muse returned (from wherever) to accompany you on your garden "giro". Breathless photo, Ry! You spoil us! Very Italian, by the way. My gardenia fills my soul in February - in time for my birthday every year. Nature is fantastic! Enjoy your Sunday vineyard "giro" and Bacione! Ingrid in Umbria

  6. i have just discovered your wonderful blog....love it. have a nice weekend.... pam


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