Avocado Lime Tart

I haven't been to my blog site in such a long time! Life has been so busy with work and travel that something had to give and I'm afraid it has been the blog site. I promised a few people that I would post a link for this yummy tart..... so here it is: Avocado Lime Pie from the pages of The Zenchilada. (page 123 in the Winter 2011 issue)
I'll be back soon...........................Miss, Miss, Miss everyone!!!!!


  1. Ry, It's so GOOD to see you back here ~ I'm so happy you have been busy with work and travel. But we miss you when you are away.

    Thank you for the link to The Zenchilada . . . your Avocado Lime Pie (with kiwi!) looks fabulous. I would love to make this.

    Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photography and for taking the time to share the BEST recipes. It's such a treat to come visit you here. xo

  2. Oh I am sooooo happy to see your post. I know you have been very busy! I won the Zenchilada chili chocolate give-a-way. I told them I owe it all to you for introducing me to such a wonderful e-zine. Keep up the fantastic work, Ry!


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