Traveling Shoes .... Mexico

I'm missing Mexico ........ when my husband and I lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico we usually spent as much time as we could during January/February in Old Mexico. Now that we live in a more temperate climate (One residence in a Mediterranean climate the other coastal) we don't feel the same need to slip off to the hot tropics. The political climate has worsened over the last few years as well ...... in the past we would load up the suv and head down through Tucson and drive all over Mexico. Not now - hope it gets better soon. The above photos were taken in Zihuatanejo - one of our favorite destinations. We usually stay the first few days at the Las Brisas in Ixtapa. A stunning resort hotel designed by Ricardo Legoretta (photos below) and then hot foot it over to Zihu to stay at Casa Luna in a quaint little cabana ( that's my husband in front of the cabana ) with a small kitchen and an outdoor shower - all in a lovely garden setting. Having a kitchen is great because we love shopping the mercado for fruits and vegtables then heading down to the village beach to buy fish from the local fishermen.
I photographed this beautiful model on the beach in front of Las Brisas for a fashion spread. The gorgeous caftan she is wearing is white linen adorned with semi-precious stones, silver beads and tassels from designer Toni Hnasko for Neiman Marcus. Love it - too bad the photographer doesn't get to keep the clothes!

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