Hindu Lotus - This one surprised me ~ I thought it was going to be pink!
I grow my Lotus plants in containers as they can quickly take over a small pond.
Lotus blossoms do not last very long ~ this one lasted about two days.

Even when they are not blooming ~ the giant leaves are beautiful............

I keep a few fish in the containers to keep mosquito's from breeding...........

The end of the day................................................................

Growing Nelumbo from Seed

You can buy established plants at water gardens - but they can be quite expensive.
It is fairly easy to grow Lotus plants from seed. You can order seed or buy dried lotus seed pods at the craft store and start plants from them. Just make sure that you buy a pod that has seed rattling around in it and one that has not been painted. Lotus seed have a very hard coating that has to be abraded before water can penetrate. I use a small file and sand away at the outer coating until just a tiny bit of white shows through. Then I put them in a container with a little soil and gravel - fill it with water and keep it wet until the seed germinates.
Photography by: Ryannan Bryer de Hickman
Copyright: Sotto Il Monte Vineyards


  1. Your wellies are awfully cute and the lotus is amazing. The pod is as pretty as the flower to me. Your kois are gorgeous, too! Do the herons come hunting them like they do here?
    Happy Monday!
    xo Isa

  2. oh how i love this... you are far ahead of my garden, if i even have a lotus left... raccoons ravage my small ponds for the fish, they tear everything apart...

    your pics are just gorgeous. i have not grown from seed before, i wonder if my season is long enough.

    we both have water drop shots today. my nasturtium leaves are as large as lily pads right now.

  3. I have a pair from Target....my grandkids wear them, too.

    Tooooooo cute

    photos leave me speechless.

  4. Oh those lotus flowers are luscious! Beautiful. Perfect.

    Happy St. Pats!


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