Thanks Ralph!

I was recently in Scottsdale, Arizona to work on some photo shoots and found myself with a free afternoon so I headed over to my favorite store at the Biltmore Center - The Ralph Lauren store. I love this store because they have a furniture showroom and it feels like an elegant private club. Unfortunately - the day that I went they were taking down the old display to put up a new one. I had to content myself with browsing the spring couture line.
The new spring line was - fabulous! Not because it is groundbreaking - but because -
I already have this look! Ralph Lauren from about nine years ago. I bought some nice pieces back then and they have held up well. And like the Sartorialist said in his March 17 blog post -
"Someone commented yesterday that "shopping your own closet" is already a cliche. Maybe that's true, but it is a truth we are all living with right now. "

I'm sure I have this shirt - maybe not the pants - I can live without the pants.........

Surely I have some similar belts in the closet..........................
I definitely have this white silk skirt. The blouse that goes with mine has long sleeves - better for me anyway.................................................

I would love to have the shoes ...................................
This look is a little - well lets see - survival fashion maybe - what a great dress.
Love this dress. Not wild about the pants on the right - and the headgear - thanks but no thanks..........................................

So Ralph ~ I'll shop the closet ~ maybe add a few accessories. Thanks to you ~ at least I won't feel so last year!


  1. Oh...love this post! Love Lauren. So timeless in design for home and bod!!

  2. great post, but all i could think of is you are the perfect ralph model! me, well next time you have a luau and need someone to walk the lava in a muumuu, think of me! oh i took a wrong turn at 40!

  3. MM..I used to buy a lot of RL..

    We had an outlet we went to in the USA..I still have things I wear..Jacques does too.

    Timeless..even my jean jacket(25 yrs old!) w/ a cord collar and a short cowboy print beige jean jacket.(Looks like kids retro pj's)
    Long straigt skirts(too tight on my hips now) and dirndl skits(with pheasants and horses) too enlarging on my hips now:(

    I find 53-55..changes your physique.It's probably my imagination.. but I have concrete signs too..

    I love white and brown..Remember Julia in Pretty Woman in the brown and white Polka Dots? The big hat..Oh qu'elle était belle!I love belts..
    I can see you in all of these things..perfect for you.

    I remember before Lulu was born..I found an Ebay seller w/ great prices on kids RL..The office laughed when a size 6 blue RL suit showed up for L when he was 2 months old..
    :) He'll wear it soon..timeless!

    These days I buy my clothes at Costco.
    Or TJ or Marshalls..

    Country Real Estate here... in a town of 5000...is just that.
    I have always loved the RL ads..for adults and kids..more than any other ads I have ever seen.
    He is by far and wide my favorite designer.

    Fun post..made me think about something else than kids and gardens and food and real estate.:)
    Like weraing my Gap jean jacket..It makes me feel young:)


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