I've always had a love for Spanish Colonial Architecture and was pleased to be able to go to San Miguel De Allende one year and photograph some of the best examples in Mexico.
Mixed in with the Spanish Colonial you will find Baroque Architecture as well.
One example is the 18th century Templo de San Francisco, above.

I walked for miles along the cobblestone steets and didn't even put a dent in all that there is to see. I could live here.......................and spend lots of time reading on this portal..........................

Another example of the Baroque influence.

As is my usual habit - I tried to fit too much into one trip and wasn't able to photograph everything that I had planned to. I was working on three stories - a travel story - a story on Mexican Architecture and one on Dia de los Muertos. In addition, I was attending a Master Photography workshop. A month would be a good amount of time to spend there.
My days were filled with appointments and photo shoots. Each night we would all go out to dinner and sometimes dancing, sometimes just staying up way too late singing and strumming the guitar. It was downright fun and the time went by far too quickly and was a bit of a blur.
San Miguel Night Owls................................

The local laundry with spring fed basins.
Color is everywhere in San Miguel.
Some houses are left un-stuccoed - built with local stone.
A peek into a dining room.................................................................
I had the pleasure of popping in on Dianne Kushner - gracious owner of the wonderful B&B Casa Luna.
I first met Dianne in Santa Fe. She was there visiting her friend, Baron, who had just purchased a house that my husband and I built.
It was a house that I particularly loved (even though I've learned not to get attached) but I was happy that the new owner was also a photographer. Baron was the very first photographer for Rolling Stone Magazine, lived in San Francisco for many years and was relocating to New Mexico. The house was designed with gallery like spaces, a big beautiful studio and a darkroom. Diane was there to give him some tips on how to decorate. She has done a fantastic job on Casa Luna in San Miguel as you can see from the photos below.
The door from the street opens up into a lush courtyard with fountains. Once inside you are surrounded by vibrant color and cozy rooms.
Each room is different and filled with local craftsmanship, Mexican antiques and folk art.

The view of La Parraquia Church in the Jardin from an upstairs balcony.

Dianne in her beautiful kitchen. She gives cooking classes at Casa Luna. Next time I go - I'm going to make sure and take a class or two. Sweet Dianne gave me a copy of her cookbook "The Tortilla Papers". It is filled with great local recipes. My favorite - Basi's Chilaquiles Verdes. I had never had Chilaquiles before I went to San Miguel and don't see them on the menu much in the States. The restaurants in San Miguel are some of the best I've experienced in Mexico. Yeah, I could live there - maybe start a winery - Mexico needs help in that department!

Photography By: Ryannan Bryer de Hickman
Sotto Il Monte Vineyards

Traveling Shoes Note: Take tennis shoes!


  1. The owner of our local newspaper loves it there..
    I know I would too..Just the photos you took tell me that..All the color..the warmth..the sunshine..I have come to love those types of views and interesting days.
    Of course you pick the most beautiful sights :) And your shots are travel brochures..so I am betting many will add San Miguel to their wish list now:)

    Thank you..I had to smile at the platform tie shoes..:)
    Do you think travel gave you even more good taste? I would think that experiencing so much widens ones horizons so much and feeds the artist in everyone..

    I am sure all the homes you both have built are sought after.
    Thank you for the visit.

  2. Beautiful photos, as always, Ryannan. I love travelling vicariously through your pictorials!

  3. Ahhhh. Heaven. Now that place REALLY speaks to me. I have even looked up casa Luna and their cooking classes before (and was it mentioned in mexicolor or mexicasa?)I think it would be a blast, albeit hard work, to own a B&B there!

    Thank you for the beautiful pictorial tour. Lovely, indeed!

  4. Such beautiful photos. I know I would love living there too.

  5. I'm so glad to discover your blog through Michael's Oia Santorini.
    i so enjoyed this series : beautiful architecture and soft light..
    will be back soon!

  6. Absolutely STUNNING, Ry.

    What a lovely, lovely presentation of a very special place. I can see why you love it so; and it is made even more meaningful with happy memories and rich friendships.

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

  7. Ry...as always magnificent....

  8. It has been many years since I was there and I loved it, too. I still have a painting hanging in my bedroom that I brought home from San Miquel. Thanks for the trip back!

  9. A brilliant post Ry! You captured the colour & warmth of the country & its architecture perfectly. How lucky you guys are to have such a fabulous place on your doorstep.
    Millie ^_^

  10. San Miguel is my favorite getaway. The beauty is really beyond description. I love how the entire city has been declared an historical monument and nothing can be disturbed -- A gorgeous Artist community and you've made me want to take off and go again ... now.
    xo Isa


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