Merry Christmas!!

With temperatures in the 70's all this week, it has been a little hard to get into the Christmas mode. Not really any point in decorating or baking as I've been here at the beach all on my lonesome for the last few weeks. I'll fly out on Friday to meet up with Jim and we will be spending this Christmas in Chicago with Jim's brother and his family. It has been far too long since we have seen them so we are looking forward to catching up. At any rate, I'll have to content myself with pictures from last year.

Our favorite place to spend Christmas, Bar None, is San Antonio, Texas. Last year was extra special because it was our first Christmas with our new grandchildren, Savannah & Talon.

I made a Prime Rib dinner on Christmas Eve, we opened presents and then went down to the River Walk to show the kids the tree at the Alamo and the lights along the river.
They are such great kids and we love them dearly. Little Heart Stealers!

While we really, really miss them this year, we are happy to announce that next Christmas we have even more cause for Christmas Joy as we will be celebrating with Talon, Savannah...........................................................................
our daughter Jasmine, son-in-law Jason and their new baby boy who is due in March!!! WE ARE OVER THE MOON HAPPY!!!!!
I hope everyone has a beautiful Christmas

Sotto Il Monte Vineyards
Photos By: Ryannan Bryer de Hickman


  1. I love Riverwalk too Ry, but you have 2 delightful extra reasons to do that wonderful meander! Enjoy your Chicago Christmas, a dash down Michigan Ave. for the post-Christmas sales would be very high on my Agenda. Happy Holidays to you & Jim.
    Millie & MOTH xx

  2. Oh I LOVE Christmas in San Antonio! We were there one Christmas eve!! Merry Merry Christmas to you in the Windy City! Let me know when you are heading this way...I'll dust off my Tour cap!

  3. Oh what a beautiful post..Jasmine is beautiful..and new little one..in March:) Congratulations..and Talon and Savannah are so cute..what a princess..the wrappings are fit for royalty..I have Oliver sitting close to me watching Baby Einstein..he is 2..you are in for such joys..Imagine..even more joys..
    Jason..congratulations to you :)

    Merry Christmas ..I see your New Year is already on a sweet path~
    I am nurturing a Christmas Tree Rosemary..(It's a challenge:) )

  4. Hi Ry!
    I wanted to come by and wish you a very happy new year! I hope all is well in your beautiful world.
    xo isa


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