New Year

January is almost over and I'm still trying to catch up to myself. It's been non-stop travel for a while now and no end in sight. The holidays were lovely and the New Year is well underway. Handheld devices have had to suffice until I could get back to my blogging computer at the beach. In the next couple of weeks - I hope to get a few posts in of where we have been and catch up on all of my favorite blog sites before I leave again.I think about this quote nearly every day. Everything in my life needs attention, but a little time off is always crucial. The house needs constant work, the vines need to be pruned, requiring another cross country trip, the Brunello that has been aging on French Oak has been bottled but not labeled. All worth it though as the bottles we opened this past weekend were awesome!Best wishes to you and yours,

Photos By: Ryannan Bryer de Hickman


  1. Happy New Year Ry!! It's very nice to see you again in blogland :-) and cheers to the Brunello!

  2. I was just thinking about you, Ry, and scrolled to your post. And what thoughtful prose; just what I needed to read. Do elaborate more on your 'work'. Would love to read about it. Have missed your posting.

    1. I've been here - there and everywhere lately and relying on my I-phone too much. Not great for blogging. Thanks for keeping up with me Donna!

  3. Best..very best wishes to you and yours..
    You may have ..one day..too much time to unwind..enjoy these days:)

    You do them all so well.
    Miss your posts.
    You are a sparkle in blogland..

  4. Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year...
    Miss seeing your beautiful pics....
    I agree with Nana...you are definitely a sparkle in blogland!


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