Life in Florida

We have been living in Florida for six months now …….. and are having a great time exploring and enjoying a year round outdoor lifestyle.

While we will always love California, and may go back someday, living in Florida is working well for us.  Sitting on the beach in Carmel, wrapped in Pendleton blankets while our grandson played in the freezing surf, in a wetsuit, sort of clinched it for me.   


                                               Champagne with my love

Boca Grande ………… Banyan Street

                                                 Christmas at the Don Cesar - Saint Pete’s Beach

                                The view from the  condo we stayed in when we first arrived.

                                                   The pool and cabana at the house . . . . . . . . .

Landon enjoying the arcade at Margaritaville and celebrating his 10th birthday at Disney World.

                                                          All roads lead to the beach!


Photography: Ryannan Bryer de Hickman


Three months on the coast of central California.  

The mission in Carmel-by-the-Sea is usually a the first place I go when we are here.  I love the architecture of Spanish Missions and this one is so very beautiful and has lovely gardens.  I’m glad we arrived in March, because shortly after I took these photos, the mission underwent some major renovations and is now surrounded by fences and construction equipment.

We had a visit from our daughter and grandson which brought us a great deal of joy and they loved it here.

The view from Pebble Beach Golf Links.

The Gin Bar at the cottage.  

A neighbors Cecil Bruner roses in bloom and extremely fragrant.  I’ll need to plant some of these.

Plenty of seafood.  

 Photography:  Ryannan Bryer de Hickman


Falls End

 It has certainly been awhile.  In this most surreal of years, I suddenly find time on my hands.  All travel on hold.  Trying to stay put.  Tomorrow I will put away the pumpkins and drag out the Christmas decor.  A last look at the pumpkins before they are wrapped and stored for another year.

All the best

Photos: RYANNAN Bryer de Hickman