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Gone for a little while.......I'll be back

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Happy Mothers Day

It seems like only yesterday that my daughter was just a child.....

Now all grown up with a baby of her own.....and I feel so fortunate to spend today celebrating Mother's Day with both of them.
Happy Mother's Day to all!

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The Masters Augusta, Georgia

Augusta National - Hallowed ground for my husband Jim.
This year we attended the Masters Tournament as invited guests of a very lovely Southern family.
Below - Crow's Nest
Cameras are never allowed on the actual tournament days.  Jim took these photos at the 2011 practice rounds.  I have watched the Masters Tournament every year on the tele - but had never attended.  Now I get what all the hoop-la is about.  This is by far the most beautiful course I have ever been on. The greens are immaculate and the way the concession stands, gift shops and rest rooms are set up is second to none.
We stayed to the very end on Sunday evening and watched Bubba receive his green jacket.  
Augusta is a really interesting place to explore and we have been enjoying our stay at the historic Partridge Inn, more on that in another post.  For now I'm about to hit the road again for a  couple of weeks and then Jim & I will meet up in Indianapolis for the Indy 500.

Photos: Jim Hickman

Traveling Shoes

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Head Over Heels!!!

Our Grandson Landon Josiah was born on March 13, 2012. Jim and I are Head Over Heels in love with this little one. I arrived in Texas at the beginning of March, helped Jasmine's friend Mara with the baby shower on March 3rd and 10 days later little Landon decided to make his entrance into the world. A week early. After that is all a blur. I was able to stay in Texas for a month to help out before I headed back to Georgia.

Jim flew out after he was born and we soaked up as much of this little one as we possibly could. Jim's new favorite pastime is to hold him for hours - as he watches golf on television. Works for everyone! There is nothing quite like holding a sleeping newborn. Melts your heart a bit.

Jasmine is doing fine after a very long labor of 36 hours! I was lucky enough to be in the delivery room when he was born.

She and Jason are thrilled with their new little one as are Talon and Savanah to have a baby brother.

I must have taken a couple thousand photos while I was there, but can only share a few because I'm using Jim's laptop - a PC no less (I'm a complete MAC addict) - and it takes me forever to post a blog entry.



Photos: Ryannan Bryer de Hickman



Savannah is one of those places where, no matter how much time I spend exploring, I could never begin to even scratch the surface. She has her secrets - and intends to keep them.

The Mercer Williams House
Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil

The architecture is beautiful everywhere you turn. The houses are all centered around parklike squares filled with live oaks dripping with Spanish moss. There are 22 squares in the city center.
Stop for lunch at Soho South ...............we highly recommend the Soho South Salad.
Great wine list too.............................................

The only way to really see Savannah is to walk it one square after another............................

You could ride a bike or take a pedicab .............but walking is still best....................
When you get tired (and you will) stop for a latte at Gallery Espresso to people watch...........
The city is full of hip artistic types due to the College of Art & Design...................................

End the day at The Pink House ...............Great restaurant and a nice bar that opens up to the street for more people watching. Lovely on a warm evening.


Sotto Il Monte Vineyards
Photos: Ryannan & Jim Hickman


New Year

January is almost over and I'm still trying to catch up to myself. It's been non-stop travel for a while now and no end in sight. The holidays were lovely and the New Year is well underway. Handheld devices have had to suffice until I could get back to my blogging computer at the beach. In the next couple of weeks - I hope to get a few posts in of where we have been and catch up on all of my favorite blog sites before I leave again.I think about this quote nearly every day. Everything in my life needs attention, but a little time off is always crucial. The house needs constant work, the vines need to be pruned, requiring another cross country trip, the Brunello that has been aging on French Oak has been bottled but not labeled. All worth it though as the bottles we opened this past weekend were awesome!Best wishes to you and yours,

Photos By: Ryannan Bryer de Hickman