I feel as if I've been holding my breath for the last couple of months.
Our youngest daughter, her sweetheart and his two adorable children decided to relocate from Honolulu, Hawaii to Austin, Texas. We are thrilled to have her back on the mainland after almost 10 years away, but we were a little anxious about a major move in this economic climate. Both Jason and Jessie Jasmine gave up great jobs in Hawaii to relocate. Great jobs and health insurance! Jasmine has a childhood illness that requires regular EKG's and numerous other tests to monitor her heart. She also has to take antibiotic and B-12 injections every 30 days. My worries have been for naught. Both are talented in their respective fields. They hit the ground running and landed jobs right away. Jasmine is working as a therapist in a clinic for children with autism and will also be pursuing her Masters and then her PhD. Jason, a Musician, IT and Sound Engineer has fit right in with the Austin music scene. An added bonus is that we now have grandchildren! Thirteen year old Talon and nine year old Savanah have stolen our hearts.
Last weekend was Savanah's 9th birthday. We packed a picnic lunch and spent the afternoon at Barton Springs.
I baked a three layer vanilla cake, with and apricot glaze and cream cheese frosting.
The kids spent all afternoon swimming in the natural spring pool. The adults relaxed in the warm sun and sipped wine. Savanah said it was her best birthday ever.The other day she looked up at me, smiled and said "You are my new Grandmother". I replied "Yes, I am". She seemed to think about that for a moment and then said "But you don't look like a Grandmother". Have I mentioned how smitten I am with this child?!

Photography By: Ryannan Bryer de Hickman
Sotto Il Monte Vineyards