Vigneto Cucina.......Salmon a la Genevoise

Salmon with a Genevoise Sauce & Haricots Verts

I'm just back from a ten day work trip to Tucson and Scottsdale. Interior Design and Architecture was the main focus with some food and fashion shots thrown in the mix. I photographed some beautiful houses in Scottsdale. The interiors were done by a very talented Interior Designer ~ I'll do a post on those at a later date.

The trip was fun and exhausting. Dinner last night had to be light and easy so I made Salmon Genevoise. Easy because I had some Genevoise sauce in the freezer. Genevoise Sauce takes a while to make - but worth the effort. This particular recipe is from the Julia Child cookbook, which I can't seem to locate at the moment, must be at the other house. I will post the recipe later. Some roasted vegetables, a nice New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc ................. and carrot cake.

Photography By: Ryannan Bryer de Hickman
Copyright: Sotto Il Monte Vineyards


  1. at the risk of scaring you, i will just straight up tell you i missed you... i really enjoy your blog and the beauty you share, each day you were dim i felt deprived...

    i feel normal and happy again, looking at your gorgeous pics. you have the gift of pleasure, welcome back!

  2. Thanks Blue Moon....... I'm happy to be back and have time to catch up on my favorite blog sites. Yours is so wonderful - What's for dinner?

  3. The confeence sounded amazing...and the little dinner you *whipped up* sounds divine....But your photos...they take the cake!!

    I'm with Blue Moon...Missed Ya!


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