I'm always curious about how interior designers design their own homes. Barbara Wiseley's Santa Barbara home- featured below -does not disappoint. The monochromatic color scheme is done as well as I've ever seen - without appearing sterile. The interiors have a "collected" feel. Her use of natural materials appeals to me. I would love to be able to pull this look off. Despite all the color in my blog header - my house is mostly neutrals. White Linen furniture and drapes, floors the color of limestone - the plaster on the walls - just a shade lighter, limestone fireplaces, French gray bistro table - white cabinetry in the kitchen, etc. Even though I start out with a neutral palette - color always finds its way back in. All the dishes I've collected in Italy, Pots and bowls from Provence,
the Le Jacquard Francais tea towels, books on the shelves in the library. Guess I'll have to start editing.

Photography By: Jonn Coolidge


  1. all such beautiful tranquil spaces~ so not my life...

  2. I would move in with only a make-up kit!
    MMM, mmmmm, mmmm

  3. Do you know which natural shades she uses in the living room? Thanks.


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