I photographed hundreds of houses in the 18 years that I lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Most for a series of articles that we did called "Behind Adobe Walls". These articles ran in a monthly magazine published by The Santa Fe New Mexican. My husband also designed and built many houses in Santa Fe ~ so I have plenty of photos of those as well. This post is for Linda and Jain who have expressed interest in this type of architecture. These are just a few that I happen to have at hand. I'll post more from time to time.ASID show house - Room designed by Jane Smith. I've always loved Jane's work. In this room she mixed Fortuny fabrics with traditional New Mexico elements and turned the fireplace into a bit of an alter with folk art and candles. The painting around the door frame is by artist John Alan.

Living in a true adobe house is a wonderful experience. The above photo is a house that my husband renovated. Note the thick walls. This house is a double adobe house ~ the walls are around two feet thick. Brick floors are quite common in the older houses. Hand troweled plaster walls and kiva fireplaces are the norm as are vigas and latilla ceilings. A simple beautiful small house built in the Territorial style, set back on a quite shady lane in the historical district of Santa Fe.
Kitchen in a newly built SF home.
This bedroom was in a Territorial Style house.
A new house with a few props from Wiseman ~ Gale & Duncan Interiors.
This last photo was taken at Los Luceros. A historical house north of Santa Fe. Notice how thick these walls are ~ around three feet I would guess. Adobe walls keep the house cool in the summer and help retain and radiate the heat in the winter. The houses that Jim and I built always had radiant heat in the floors. I loved this type of heating system. My feet were always warm. The shower floors, toilets and even the furniture stayed warm. Most importantly - no ugly vents anywhere.
I'm off to spend a few days at the casa and vineyard. Feels like I'm always packing or unpacking these days. Not too much to pack this morning - the nice thing about going to our other residence is that everything I need is already there.

Photography by: Ryannan Bryer de Hickman
Copyright: Sotto Il Monte Vineyards


  1. Ryannan, those homes are gorgeous! I never thought adobe homes appealed to me, but you have certainly changed my mind. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photographs. You are exceptionally talented!!

  2. oh that as fabulous, ask and you shall receive is so rewarding! i LOVE this style of home, i love 4 corners area, sante fe, etc. i am very drawn to this lifestyle.

    i love the thick walls, i have never forgotten filoli, an estate south of sf, they used the house shots for the show dynasty, those walls are several feet thick too, not for heat or cooling, but for earthquakes.

    i love the simplicity of this style, the warm tile floors, sculpted walls, kiva's. it all says tranquility to me. what a gorgeous kitchen... really like the split level lay out. ok i love all the pics, i know i say love way to much, but thats how i am, all or nothing kinda gal!

    i think you should keep doing a series on the sw until you have shared all your pics with us, its always a treat to see things thru your eyes~

  3. I'm very drawn to this lifestyle too:) particularly since we have a new blanket of snow everywhere,and nothing is Adobe here.
    What lovely interiors..And your photos are just exquisite.They always have a warm golden glow.
    I guess they look like you.

  4. Just beautiful...we had snow flurries all day today...
    I love your sunny pics!
    Thanks Ry!
    Have a nice trip!

  5. Oh...Be still my heart!! What utter gorgeousness (LOVE your pics and the lighting)But, those WALLS...those FLOORS, those Kivas, those vigas!

    Did you live in an adobe? It's always been a house dream of mine (although hubby who was born in NM never wants to go back...says the sand storms were hellish. sigh.)

  6. My heart just fell to the floor - I love the simple beauty of these houses. I could so live there. YUM. That first photo especially sent me to the moon.
    Have a great trip back to the casa and I'm sure your vineyard is exploding right now in gorgeous new and beautiful green leaves.
    Happy Easter
    xo Isa

  7. I think what I love best about a Santa Fe style home is that even newly built, the home has the look and feel of an old soul.

  8. Thanks everyone! And Linda.........the wind does blow there! I can't imagine why you would want to leave that paradise of yours in Florida! Santa Fe is a wonderful place, but there is still snow on the ground there as well Monique. Santa Fe has a feel all it's own ~ a feeling that you can find no where else. It is one of the best places in the world at Christmas ~ and I love the summers there. Alpine desert. Still ~ I'm happy to be in the warmer climates now. I go back and visit from time to time as I have dear sweet friends there.


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