Living Outside

I could live outside. With each of our houses I've created outdoor living areas. One thing I've learned is that you always need a roof over an outdoor space. These images are of a house we built in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This house was built hacienda style with all the rooms opening up to a center courtyard. Tall walls protected the courtyard on all sides. The portal was roofed and the center left open. Walls of glass doors opened up the main living spaces to the courtyard. Santa Fe can be very windy in the springtime. The protected area created a micro climate for the plants within. I loved this courtyard ~ we had great parties there.
Photography By: Ryannan Bryer de Hickman
Copyright: Sotto Il Monte Vineyards


  1. Oh GORGEOUS! Can we see more pics of that house?? Pretty please?? I LOVE that area (wanna live there)

  2. love it, yes show us more and more! i want this style on our next house, if we ever have one...

  3. I'll do a another post on the interiors of this house and a few more Santa Fe houses that we built. My youngest daughter is flying in from Hawaii on Friday ~ so I'm swamped with things to do. Today I'm installing a new kitchen faucet and water filtration system. Wish me luck!

  4. I love everything about Santa Fe! The courtyard looks so inviting. Have a lovely visit with your daughter.

  5. Gorgeous!! I want to see more, too!!!

    My daughter is coming in this weekend, too, with her husband and my beautiful little grandson. I understand the swamped part! ;) So, when you have time... I'd love to see a pictorial of the house. When you have time!! :D

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  7. Stunningly beautiful, and it looks so familiar. I too lived in Santa Fe for awile so surely I must have been at one of those wonderful parties that you had...let's see, I'm thinking nine, ten years ago, fabulous food, interesting people, great looking blonde...yes, now it's coming back, that's it! I'm positive I've see the art work on the wall next to your fireplace. Where did you score that quaint little painting? It's reminiscent of a folk art piece that I saw years ago during my travels through Mexico, Playa Ropa in Zihua I think - do you know the place? Please post more photos so I can fill in my blanks. Most sincerely, your biggesst fan.


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